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Join an unforgettable voyage as we delve into the mesmerising landscapes of Western Greenland and Southern Iceland. Limited to just 10 passengers, this exclusive tour promises an intimate and immersive experience unlike any other. Over the course of five days, we’ll venture into the heart of Western Greenland, where icebergs, glaciers, and Inuit villages await our lenses. Explore the rugged beauty of this remote region with boat excursions featuring heated cabins and bathrooms, ensuring comfort as we capture the breathtaking fjords, islands, and melting glaciers calving into the sea. One highlight of our Greenland adventure includes an overnight glamping experience, where heated tents under the starlit sky offer the perfect vantage point for witnessing the enchanting Northern Lights. Next, we’ll journey to Southern Iceland for another five days of photography paradise. From iconic landscapes and majestic waterfalls to the otherworldly Jökulsárlón Ice Lagoon and the stark beauty of the black sand beach, each day brings new opportunities to capture Iceland’s diverse and dramatic scenery.


Embark on an exhilarating adventure through the rugged landscapes of Iceland and Greenland, where every day promises new discoveries and breathtaking vistas.

Day 1: Arrival in Iceland
Your journey begins as you touch down at Keflavik International Airport, greeted by the crisp Icelandic air and the promise of adventure.

Day 2: Chasing Waterfalls
Explore the enchanting beauty of Iceland’s iconic waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss, where cascading water plunges into misty abysses, creating a photographer’s dream.

Day 3-4: Glacier Wonders
Venture deeper into Iceland’s mystical landscapes, journeying to the ethereal Jökulsarlon Ice Lagoon. Along the way, we’ll make captivating photography stops, capturing the raw beauty of Skaftafell National Park and the majestic Vatnajökull glacier. Prepare to be spellbound by the serene beauty of Svartifoss waterfall and the surreal Jökulsarlon glacial lagoon, set against the dramatic backdrop of Vestrahorn Mountain.

Day 5-6: Coastal Charms
Discover the coastal wonders of Vik, where Skaftafell park, Reynisfjara black sand beach, and the iconic Dyrholaey headland await. Lose yourself in the untamed beauty of Iceland’s southern coastline, where rugged cliffs meet crashing waves in a symphony of natural splendor.

Day 7-10: Greenlandic Delights
Board a flight to Nuuk, Greenland, where a world of adventure awaits. Spend three unforgettable days exploring Nuuk’s majestic fjords, towering icebergs, and sweeping landscapes. Take to the water on a paddleboard or kayak, immersing yourself in the pristine beauty of Greenland’s icy waters. As night falls, be awed by the dancing colors of the Northern Lights, painting the sky in a mesmerizing display of nature’s wonder.

Day 11: Journey’s End
As our journey draws to a close, we bid farewell to Nuuk and board our flight back to Keflavik, Iceland, carrying with us memories of a lifetime and hearts full of adventure.

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